OnThisDay:Calendar:04B:MASTERNovember 15, 1965

The Rollings Stones classic single Get Off Of My Cloud was still cushy for another week atop Billboard‘s loftiest elevation. (See On This Day: November 6, 1965)

And 50 years ago today they performed it ‘live’ on the NBC-TV pop/rock variety show Hullabaloo – almost 13 months after their ‘live’ U.S. television performing debut (October 25, 1964) on The Ed Sullivan Show.

[Note] The Stones’ initial American TV performance was actually pre-recorded and aired on the ABC variety show Hollywood Palace in June of 1964. (See below)

As with Shindig, which began 4 months earlier on ABC, ‘Hullabaloo’ ran in primetime and combined the musical trends of the day: The British Invasion, Motown and the emerging Folk-Rock sound .

But unlike its competitor, ‘Hullabaloo’ featured a segment from the UK hosted by Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein, who presented up and coming British bands.


Produced at NBC’s Burbank studios, the show aired from January 12, 1965 through April 11, 1966.

Performers included The Beatles, The Byrds, The Four Seasons, The Kinks, The Lovin’ Spoonful, Barry McGuire, Gary Lewis and The Playboys, Herman’s Hermits, Nancy Sinatra, and Petula Clark. Highlights of many segments of the ‘Hullabaloo’ series have been compiled and released on a several DVDs.

[TRIVIA] The show’s announcer was long-time radio disc jockey Johnny Holliday who co-hosted the final concert by The Beatles at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park on August 29, 1966. He went on to an extensive sportscasting career and currently conducts the pre and post game shows on pro baseball’s Washington Nationals television broadcasts.

The Rolling Stones
(Live TV Performance on NBC’s Hullabaloo)


As much as I love watching these ‘Hollywood Palace’ performances by the Rolling Stones, I cringe whenever I do – not because of those, but from Dean Martin’s absurd comments around the segments. (Martin hosted the variety program, which began airing in ’64 and ran through most of the 60’s)

The two Stones’ appearances were both pre-recorded on June 3, 1964, with the first airing on Episode 24 (June 6th) and the other on September 26.

However, contention arose when, prior to the taping, Martin demanded the group wear uniforms, which caused a lot of friction between the parties when the Stones naturally refused.

Martin reluctantly backed down, but took advantage of the appearances being pre-taped by using his usual phony inebriation act to take extremely unprofessional cheap verbal shots at the band – both during his introduction of them and after the performances (going as far as rolling his eyeballs as he sarcastically remarks to the audience “Aren’t they great?”

[Note] Looking back at 60’s shows like Sullivan’s and Martin’s, I find it laughable that both hosts felt obligated to qualify the rock & roll music segments of the shows by prefacing them with: “And now, something for the youngsters” – ostensibly to appease their perceived sophisticated adult audiences, especially Sullivan’s. (Was I still a ‘youngster” at 15 or 16??) I never heard Sullivan preface acts containing corny, low-brown humor with: ‘and now something
for all of you buffoons out there.’

The Rolling Stones
(Live TV Performances on Hollywood Palace)

This video is a composite of both performances – in reverse chronological order of their airing. First, the Stones’ first North American single in 1964, Buddy Holly‘s Not Fade Away on September 26, followed by their cover of the Muddy Waters blues classic I Just Want To Make Love To You from June 6. (All of Martin’s remarks are from before and after the June 6th segment.