For seven straight holiday seasons, from 1963, during the beginning of their rise to fame, to 1969, just prior to the group’s breakup, The Beatles released a specially recorded, limited-edition Christmas greeting available exclusively for the members of their official fan club.


Produced as either 45 or 33 1/3 rpm flexi-disc singles which played on regular turntables, the recordings lasted anywhere from five minutes to just under eight, and featured the Fab Four evidently acting with spontaneous outlandish singing, dialogue and skits. And as each year evolved, the more off-the-wall they became.

An album containing all seven of the greetings – called The Beatles Christmas Album – was sent out by the U.S. chapter of the fan club in 1971.

Since then, numerous bootleg versions have appeared on both vinyl and CD.


You may have not heard these for years, or perhaps not at all. But if you’re a fan, I’m sure they’ll make you at least smile – and hopefully laugh!

Happy Holidays!



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Happy Christmas 1969

[1969 – LYN 1970/1971]


By the time this seventh and final Beatles fan club Christmas disc was released, the Beatles had completed a stunning transformation from wide-eyed young lads barely able to comprehend their new-found fame in 1963, to a troubled quartet of seasoned superstars who had essentially – although not officially – disbanded by late 1969. And that’s what made this last Yuletide offering particularly bittersweet.

Like 1968’s greeting, each segment was recorded individually and at various times – primarily from the Beatles’ respective homes – with BBC Radio One DJ Kenny Everett once again attempting to edit their wide-ranging contributions into a somewhat cohesive presentation. s

It features an extensive visit with John and Yoko at their Tittenhurst Park estate where they play “What Will Santa Bring Me?” games. Paul sings his original This Is To Wish You, Ringo plugs his just released (in the UK) film “The Magic Christian” (in which he co-stars with Peter Sellers) and George makes just a very brief six-second appearance.

Starting at 1:30 into the recording at the tail-end of Ringo’s song, the guitar solos from the final track from their last studio album Abbey Road – titled The End – are heard, followed by Yoko interviewing John.

The back-side of the record sleeve shown above contains an elaborate illustration of the Beatles’ faces, with the drawings credited to Richard Starkey (Ringo) and his young son Zak Starkey.




Location: Various
Recording Date: November/December, 1969
Release Date: December 19, 1969
Running Time: 7:39

John: Happy Christmas
Organ: The First Noel
John and Yoko: Dialogue
John: Wonderful Christmas
George: Monologue
Ringo: Good Evening To You
The Beatles:The End
John and Yoko: Dialogue
Paul: This Is To Wish You
Paul: Monologue
Paul: This Is To Wish You (Reprise)
John and Yoko: Dialogue
John: Good King Wenceslas
John and Yoko: Happy Christmas (Reprise 1)
John and Yoko: Happy Christmas (Reprise 2)
Ringo: Monologue (“The Magic Christian” Plug)
John and Yoko: Dialogue
Choir: The First Noel


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Record Sleeve Graphics: Courtesy of 45cat


Written & Produced by Rick Murray Hunter
Twitter: @houseofthehits